GIG-IRM manufactures the first Toughened Glass insulators in India

We are delighted to announce the start of manufacturing at GIG-IRM Glass Insulators Private Limited, the first producer of Toughened Glass Disc Insulator in India.

With introduction of Toughened Glass Disc Insulators as the last among the present alternates of dielectric materials made in India our company is set to become pioneer in manufacturing insulators for transmission lines in the world second largest market.


GIG-IRM Glass Insulators is part of Global Insulator Group (GIG) – globally renown producer of glass insulators with leading position across 100 countries worldwide. GIG providesus with technology transfer as well as control and monitoring of manufacturing process to ensure quality of perfection & perfection of quality.

Bringing glass insulators from globally renown brand with highest quality will play a major role in improving durability and reliability in transmission lines in India in the years ahead. With the design flexibility of glass insulators, GIG-IRM Glass Insulators is in a position to provide solutions to all types of extreme service conditions with disc insulators.

Wepromise to bring quality of perfection and perfection of quality at doorstep of customers in India. The introduction of GIG-IRM Glass Insulators as high-quality manufacturer in Indian insulator market will provide best-in-class products and bring excellence in this segment.


Published On: May 2, 2020 /