GIG-IRM Glass Insulators passed the type test conducted on 160kN Units

Glass insulators of U160B type have passed the type tests and verified their compliance with the requirements specified in common technical specification specified by various utilities across India.

Our 160kN insulator units were subjected to the following testing:

  • Verification of dimensions
  • 50% lightening impulse test
  • Visible discharge test
  • Dry power frequency test
  • Lightening impulse withstand voltage test
  • Power frequency voltage flashover under wet conditions
  • Power frequency voltage flashover under dry conditions
  • RIV test
  • Steep wave front test
  • Residual strength test
  • Thermal mechanical performance test
  • Impact test

GIG-IRM Glass Insulators along with Global Insulator Group guarantee that our glass insulators made in India are manufactured with highest quality standards in production of Toughened Glass Disc Insulators in the world and can be applied at alltransmission lines upto 1150kV. We now look forward to carrying out more tests to strengthen the confidence on the products’ quality of perfection & perfection of quality.

Published On: September 30, 2020 /