Global Insulator Group has experience of supplying insulators to major grid companies as well as to oil and gas companies and railways across the world and India as well. The first supply to India was in 80s to NTPC transmission line 400 kV.

GIG-IRM Glass Insulators manufactures glass insulators for the voltage class from 132 to 765 kV both standard and fog profile. While Global Insulator Group facilities manufacture toughened glass insulators of all profiles for all pollution levels.

Agricultural pollution

Standard profile provides a creepage distance exceeding the exclusive requirement of international standards that permits the usage in areas with temperate contaminations.

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Heavy rains

Fog profile protects insulators against flowing contaminations and dry deposits.

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Mixed pollution

The surface of insulators with extreme profile has better performance against mixed pollution preventing deposits from setting on the surface.

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Desert areas

Open profile is used for dry, windy and sandstorm climates due to self-cleaning design of the glass part, pollutants are blown away.

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Glass insulators with composite coating

Relatively new type of insulation is composite coating for glass insulators, which perform better in areas with intense industrial contaminations, natural pollution and near marine zones.

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Advantages of silicone coating:

  • Improved service characteristics in contaminated areas
  • Combined properties of glass and composite insulators
  • Increased service life in a severe environment
  • Resistance to icing in transmission lines

GIG-IRM core values – product quality and customer trust.

High quality of glass insulators is one of the key criteria that guarantees reliability of power utilities systems. All our products meet international industry standards as well as market requirements. Product quality is ensured through automation and close monitoring of the production processes, well-developed R&D and testing facilities, constant efforts to improve product design and production processes.

Glass insulators perform longer comparing to other types of insulation.

Visual detection of shattered glass part is the main comparative advantage of glass insulators over the other types of insulation. When glass part is shattered in a string, the remaining residue withstands up to 80% of mechanical strength.

At GIG-IRM Glass Insulators, we promise the same quality of processing methods, controls, components and raw material as that of GIG.

Over 600 million glass insulators performed at transmission lines across the world.

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